Which direct cremation providers own their own crematory?

It's often heard from families or other funeral service professionals, that companies will tell families, that they have their own crematory. When in fact they do not own a crematory. Direct cremation providers that own a crematory are better prepared to take care of a decedent, from the time they


Cremation Myths vs Cremation Facts

Cremation Myth: All direct cremation service providers own there own crematory. Cremation Fact: Many of the direct cremation service providers in the Tampa Bay area do not own their own crematory. Providers without their own crematory, understand the importance of owning their own. Many of these direct cremation providers will


Why do all-inclusive direct cremation prices still cost you more?

Its unfortunate, but even at one of the most difficult times, you can be misled. Cremation prices are not always as advertised.  You need to be alert, while searching for a direct cremation provider and ask what is the” total price” for a direct cremation. Many providers advertise a low