Which direct cremation providers own their own crematory?

It’s often heard from families or other funeral service professionals that companies will tell families that they have their own crematory when in fact they do not own a crematory.

Direct cremation providers that own a crematory are better prepared to take care of a decedent, from the time they are taken into their care to the time they are cremated. Owning a crematory is an expense that many cremation providers cannot afford or are not willing to invest in. Providers that own a crematory have committed to these expenses and regulatory requirements to better serve the families that entrust their loved ones to them.

When a provider lies about owning their own crematory, we can’t help but wonder what else they are lying about. We have made the following link available for you to confirm whether the direct cremation company you are thinking about using, in fact owns their own crematory. Click on the link below to confirm crematory ownership.

Does the cremation service company I am thinking about using own their crematory?